Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PsP for music insted of Ipod?

It seems that now the PSP has been out for a couple of years, many owners are trying to branch out in the things they use their PSP for. If youve ever wondered about downloading music to your little PSP, or just wondered where the music may come from, check out the rest of this article.
You may not be aware, but your Sony PSP is capable of playing both MP3 (Music) files, and MP4 (Videos). This makes it a tremendously flexible piece of hardware, and its this that makes many Ipod owners jealous!
Transferring things onto your PSP is a piece of cake, providing they are in the correct format. The PSP itself behaves quite a lot like a PC, so if you connect it to your PC with a USB cable, you can transfer files between the two, just like you would with a flash drive or any other removable media. Its literally a case of using the PC to copy and paste the files, or even right clicking on them and using the Send command to send them over to your little PSP. This will work with just about all kinds of file, just make sure its a file that the PSP supports or the PSP wont know what to do with it once it gets there!
You can also transfer music from your CDS, but its not quite as straight forward. The transfer part is exactly the same, but before you can transfer the songs you will need some kind of CD ripping software to pull the songs from the CD and store them onto your computer. Just do a Google search for Ripping Software and you should find what you need. Once the ripping software has worked its magic you should be left with some music files that you can transfer over to the PSP like before.
The only other major place to get music for your PSP from is from Apples Itunes website. Its possible to do but its a little too complicated for my liking, so I dont do it too often, but heres how if you want to try it.
First of all just download whatever you want from Itunes onto your computer. Next you will need to get some PSP video convertor software, because the Itunes sites holds its songs as MP4s, which is often associated with video. Once you find your software, run the MP4s through it and convert them into MP3 format. As soon as they are changed over to MP3s, you can begin transferring them directly over to the PSP via the PC, just like before.
So there you are. I dont know if PSPs will ever take over the popularity of the Ipod for listening to music, but its definitely a flexible little piece of technology, and when did you last play NFS on an Ipod

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