Friday, August 27, 2010

How Good Is The Nintendo WII

You dont just play Wii, you experience it!

Since its launch in 2006, the Wii has quickly revolutionized the console gaming market. Not only have its motion sensitive controls grabbed the excitement of avid gamers, but Wii has truly been the first console to say Games are for the whole family.

To truly understand how Wii revolutionizes gaming, you have to try it for yourself. Quite simply, Wii is for everyone. The ease of use and interactivity of the Wii remote and Nunchuck allows for a unique social gaming experience for the whole family. You dont just play Wii, you experience it!

The Nintendo Wii utilises a unique control system for unparalleled interaction with a wide range of innovative games. The ergonomic Wii remote uses a three-axis motion sensor to detect physical movement and translate them into control commands. Why press a button when you can make the action yourself; the Wii remote becomes your table tennis paddle, golf club, steering wheel, drumstick and sword, letting you control your gaming experience as if you are really participating in the event itself. A range of optional add-ons for the Wii controller such as gun, tennis racket and baseball bat attachments add even more realism to this interactive experience.

Combine the Wii remote with the innovative Nunchuk control to take this interaction even further; gain two-handed control, wield both sword and shield in adventure games and get an even more immersive experience out of sporting games.

Wii Connect 24

With WiiConnect24 you can use the Ninetendo Wii for more than just paying games. WiiConnect24 keeps you connected to the internet even when the power is off, downloading new content and delivering unique new experiences everyday. The Wii Message Board utilises WiiConnect24 to help you keep in touch with friends, relatives and other Wii users the world over; you can even receive messages from the games you are playing, adding a new depth to the interactive experience provided by the Wii.

Entertainment & Media

Wii Channels is a content menu, divided into Channels, that uses WiiConnect24 to extend the interactive capabilities of the Nintendo Wii. Keep up to date with the latest news and weather forecasts with news and weather channels, create a photo channel with personalised images to share with family and friends, stay in touch with the Wii Message Board Channel and settle disputes with the Everybody Votes Channel. A Wii Shop Channel gives you access to games for the Virtual Console feature (see below), software updates and additional Wii channels.

A Virtual Console feature provides downloadable access to classic favourites from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive, NEOGEO and TurboGrafx games consoles. A Classic Controller is available to provide the ultimate in nostalgic gaming experiences (sold separately).

Wii Connectivity

The Nintendo Wii can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi connectivity (IEEE 802.11b/g) or an optional Ethernet LAN adaptor. Two USB 2.0 ports provide connections for a range of peripheral accessories and compatible devices.

Bluetooth technology allows up to four Wii remotes to be connected wirelessly. Wireless communication is also possible between the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS hand-held system.

Wii Accessories

A host of creative accessories help to further enhance the unique levels of interaction provided by the Nintendo Wii. The Wii Zapper combines the Wii remote and Nunchuk controllers in a single housing to add unrivalled depth to first person combat games while the Wii Wheel and Wii Balance Board put you right in the thick of racing and sports games.

The Wii LAN Adapter attaches to the Wii via USB to provide internet access for any Wii users that do not have a wireless internet connection.

Other Wii Features

The Nintendo Wii features 512 MB of internal flash memory that can be expanded via a SD memory card bay. Nintendo Wi-Fi provides a fast, free and safe way to play games online with other Wii users. All you need is an existing internet connection.

The Nintendo Wii is backwards compatible with Nintendo GameCube media, allowing you to play your old favourites on your new system. It provides connections for up to four GameCube controllers and two GameCube memory cards.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PsP Accessories

One of the most commonly used gaming devices in the market is the Sony PSP. One can play the best quality games as well as watch UMD movies with the help of Sony PSP. You can also listen to mp3 music by it. Here, is the list of the best PSP accessories.

One of the PSP accessories is the Logitech PlayGear street case. As the PSP is very delicate and breakable due to the knock or dropping, it is very necessary to have a case which can protect it while carrying the PSP. The material used in making this case is polycarbonate. This material makes the case very hard that can protect the PSP from dropping, scratches and any type of burns. There are some extra pockets provided in this case which can store up to 3 UMD discs and 4 sticks of Sony Due memory. The headphone can be easily operated without opening this case. Moreover, there is a special cord management inside the case so; you do not have to worry about the wires getting tangled with each other.

Another PSP accessory is the SanDisk Memory Stick of 4 GB. If we compare this memory stick with the Sony Duo memory sticks of 16 MB when used with the standard PSP pack, they cannot store much data. Even the vide cannot be stored in this 16 MB memory stick. The video require more memory to download which can be fulfilled with the use of 4 GB SanDisk memory stick. This has the memory to store the videos as well as mp3

Monday, August 23, 2010

Which Console To Buy

Today, the market is loaded with advanced video gaming consoles that are truly incredible. With amazing techniques and 3D effects in video gaming consoles, it is truly exciting to play amazing games on these gadgets. Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS are the latest gaming consoles available in the market today. The biggest confusion occurs when you want to purchase video games console for yourself. There are a few things that you really need to take care of while purchasing a video gaming console.

- Price: Price is the major factor that one must consider while purchasing any video gaming console. Price of the gaming console you wish to purchase should be within your budget, although there are other various factors which help you to decide whether the console is just right for you or not. There are hundreds of online stores that present an excellent range of these technical video gaming consoles. The prices range from a small amount of around $50 to a high of $600. So, you can choose the right one that fits in your budget. The entire price range for all the consoles is displayed along with the images. This helps you to pick one that is affordable to you and suits your wants.

- Graphics: The video games consoles that are available today are so technically advanced that when you play any game on such video consoles you experience the real fun and excitement . Thanks to the graphics that let you to take the whole fun in the game. Handheld consoles have different graphical effects, whereas, consoles that are played on your system or television sets give you a completely new experience. It’s your decision which one would you prefer.

- Game CDS: The other main factor which may help you to make a right purchase of your favorite video games console is the number of games that you can enjoy playing on your console. Some consoles have obligations to play certain types of games so you need to be confident that you can play your favorite games on that particular gaming console which you are thinking to buy.

- Additional features: Most of the advanced video gaming consoles have some additional features that allow you to play the games the way you want to play. Like you can use cheat codes in some consoles which help you reach your goals conveniently. Well there are some gaming consoles that restrict you to use cheat codes. So, you must understand about these applications also. The handheld video game consoles are mobile as well as the touch screen feature allows you to reach quick menu, however, some other consoles that aren’t portable, nor will you find touch screen feature and these wont be useful for you as you need a small portable gaming console . Hence, pick a gaming console wisely because you are going to put in your hard earned money.

Thus, all these things will surely help you to buy a perfect video gaming console that you are looking for. All these things are related to each other and only a single factor cant aid you to decide which gaming console is good to buy. But there are times when you find the right gaming console with some amazing features that cost you more than your budget, it is worth buying it, you just need to increase your budget slightly. But if you are hunting for portable console and you can purchase costlier gaming consoles, you would surely buy a portable one as that is what you require. So just get connected to the internet to find the best video game consoles for you.

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The Sony PS3

Since day 1 that I got my ps3 I have been amazed. From the awesome features such as blue ray to the added features like the MLB network, I have found so many more uses for my system than I ever thought possible. In fact I am writing from my ps3 right now! My first intention was just to play games and watch movies, but soon I realized just how much more I could do with this machine. On fathers day I say a notice running across my ps3 saying free weekend for MLB network. Well free got my attention and I downloaded it. I was amazed at the quality of the live streaming games in HD. I have never seen such an amazing picture before even with satelite. Then I started to put music on my system and the sound quality was nothing short of spectacular. I then started to use it to browse the web was not the best experiance right off the bat, untill I got the keyboard and then it was a breeze. I guess all in all I am very pleased at what the Play Station 3 has brought me. More than just a gaming system but a complete entertainment hub for my home.