Monday, August 23, 2010

The Sony PS3

Since day 1 that I got my ps3 I have been amazed. From the awesome features such as blue ray to the added features like the MLB network, I have found so many more uses for my system than I ever thought possible. In fact I am writing from my ps3 right now! My first intention was just to play games and watch movies, but soon I realized just how much more I could do with this machine. On fathers day I say a notice running across my ps3 saying free weekend for MLB network. Well free got my attention and I downloaded it. I was amazed at the quality of the live streaming games in HD. I have never seen such an amazing picture before even with satelite. Then I started to put music on my system and the sound quality was nothing short of spectacular. I then started to use it to browse the web was not the best experiance right off the bat, untill I got the keyboard and then it was a breeze. I guess all in all I am very pleased at what the Play Station 3 has brought me. More than just a gaming system but a complete entertainment hub for my home.

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