Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PsP Accessories

One of the most commonly used gaming devices in the market is the Sony PSP. One can play the best quality games as well as watch UMD movies with the help of Sony PSP. You can also listen to mp3 music by it. Here, is the list of the best PSP accessories.

One of the PSP accessories is the Logitech PlayGear street case. As the PSP is very delicate and breakable due to the knock or dropping, it is very necessary to have a case which can protect it while carrying the PSP. The material used in making this case is polycarbonate. This material makes the case very hard that can protect the PSP from dropping, scratches and any type of burns. There are some extra pockets provided in this case which can store up to 3 UMD discs and 4 sticks of Sony Due memory. The headphone can be easily operated without opening this case. Moreover, there is a special cord management inside the case so; you do not have to worry about the wires getting tangled with each other.

Another PSP accessory is the SanDisk Memory Stick of 4 GB. If we compare this memory stick with the Sony Duo memory sticks of 16 MB when used with the standard PSP pack, they cannot store much data. Even the vide cannot be stored in this 16 MB memory stick. The video require more memory to download which can be fulfilled with the use of 4 GB SanDisk memory stick. This has the memory to store the videos as well as mp3

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